Posted by: ryalltime | July 29, 2010

The super-rom-com

You’d never really think that one of the sweetest comics out today, one that features a very fun, realistic relationship set in a humorous superhero world, would come to me by way of Harlan Ellison. But the guy knows good comics — he and I originally bonded over Peter David’s FALLEN ANGEL series, and he introduced me to Thom Zahler‘s LOVE AND CAPES.

And man, do I owe him for this. LOVE AND CAPES is something Thom’s been self-publishing for a few years now, but we’ve done collected editions of the first 12 issues. It’s really one of my favorite reads, just a comic without angst and anguish and pain and death, and it just makes me happy reading it. I feel that way about maybe two comics, this and Tom Beland’s TRUE STORY, SWEAR TO GOD. This is the kind of comic that is perfect to give to girls who don’t normally read comics, although you’ll like them as much as she will. And I was happy to announce at Comic-Con that we were going to be releasing the new comics as well, starting in February with issue 14 (issue 13 was released on Free Comic Book Day in May). LOVE AND CAPES: EVER AFTER picks up from where the first year’s story ended, with a big wedding.

So I recommend everyone either check out the TPBs, or the LOVE AND CAPES site, and hopefully see you back here to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the series’ relaunch in February.

Harlan Ellison, matchmaker. Never woulda thunk it.


  1. Love thom’s work, and he’s a nice guy to boot. But what I enjoy most about the series is the realistic relationships that he depicts with these characters living very ashtonishing lives. Its fun, cute, and engaging – and it keeps me coming back for more.

    I’m glad idw has picked up this book, and I look forward to adding it to my pull.

  2. This is great news! I’ve loved the book and I’m excited about the new story line!

  3. <>

    A comic that always gave me that feeling was Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting.

  4. I received Love and Capes as a gift from Thom Z. probably the nicest Comic person I’ve met in my 3 years of working in the heart of Comic Con. I was sad to read the last comic thinking it was the ultimate end but I’m totally stoked to find that it has been re-started and will be re-launched in February which no longer seems so far away. YAY T.Z. and love and capes ever after šŸ™‚

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