Posted by: ryalltime | July 24, 2010

Coming up Next

No real time for a proper update this weekend, and I’m sure word can be found elsewhere, but I did want to post a few of the more interesting images from our panel today while I have a minute.

JOHN BYRNE’S NEXT MEN, coming back in December. The image below is courtesy of John and colorist Ronda Pattison. More to come when the con, which has been fantastic so far, allows me a little more free time.


  1. HURRAY!

  2. This are the news I have been waiting for since nearly 20years!!! AWESOME!

    Thank you! 😉

  3. Excellent news! Also, it’s great to see the original JBNM in the webstore.

    BTW, can we have some John Byrne ANGEL material in digital form?

    Thanks and congratulations on all the great stuff you are doing at IDW.

    Best, Flavio

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