Posted by: ryalltime | July 14, 2010

Tiger Tea Party at the IDW booth

Courtesy of Craig Yoe:


2010 is the 100th anniversary year of when Krazy Kat was first beaned on the head by Ignatz Mouse as drawn by the genius cartoonist George Herriman. This great event will be celebrated at the San Diego Comic-Con  in a big ZIP…POW way. The convention committee commissioned Craig Yoe, to create fifteen pages devoted to all things Krazy for the convention souvenir  book to observe this century mark of what many think of the greatest comic of all time. There will be a celebration/panel at 4-5 pm in Room 4 led by Yoe including Douglas Wolk, author of Reading Comics, and Pete Maresca, publisher of a “Krazy Kat: A Celebration of Sundays”.

At the panel Abrams ComicArts will show a preview of a coffee table art book “Krazy Kat and The Art of George Herriman: A Celebration”.  The book collects rare and unpublished art by Herriman with an appreciation by Bill Watterson and edited by Yoe.

The panel will be capped off by an exclusive world premier of a fascinating and endearing 1930s home movie of George Herriman!

After the panel a Tiger Tea Party will be held at the IDW booth #2643 from 5:30-6:30 pm. “Krazy + Ignatz in Tiger Tea”( IDW/Yoe Books))  is a new book edited by Yoe that collects infamous Krazy Kat strips where the creations of Herriman ingested an illegal substance and had psychedelic experiences.

Revelers at the booth will have the opportunity to get books signed.  And they can drink the Tiger Tea being served from a limited edition con-exclusive Tiger Tea mug Yoe has designed  especially for the occasion. (Please note: IDW or Yoe Books are not responsible for any attendee being arrested  by Offissa Pupp and thrown in the Coconino County Jail for imbibing Tiger Tea.)



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