Posted by: ryalltime | July 14, 2010

One good-looking, albeit pissed-off, Mexican

In September, our MACHETE #0 issue is being released. It’s written by Robert Rodriguez and Aaron Kaufman, with art by DEATH SHIP’s Stuart Sayger. And can we all agree that it’s about damned time that the great Danny Trejo gets his own comic and his own starring role in a movie?

The book was originally offered with one cover, by Zach Howard, but will now have two covers, one by Zach (different than what was in Previews) and one by Juan Doe. Both images seen here haven’t been shown before, and Zach’s, I wanted to show the original lineart instead of the colored version because it’s so damned good and menacing.

In Previews now, ready for pre-order.

Zach Howard:

Juan Doe:



  1. YES! Oh, this is epic. I’ve been looking forward to the movie since I was enraptured with the Grindhouse trailer, and now I can’t wait to get the comic! Now if only someone could get Simon Pegg to help write a “DON’T” comic, I could die happy (but only after the Spike series, of course, ’cause I’m not missing that).

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