Posted by: ryalltime | July 12, 2010

mIDW Comic-Con panel schedule

I’ll be fronting the following three panels next week (times and room location noted below). Hope to see everyone there. If you read about the panels here, mention that and I’ll give you a, uh, well, sincere thank-you for your patronage at this blog.

  • From Screen to Comics (Thursday 4-5 PM, Room 9)

An in-depth look at what it takes to turn big screen action into 32 pages, looking behind the scenes looks at some of the biggest properties to come to comics, like True Blood, Doctor Who, The A-Team, TRANSFORMERS, Star Trek and more.

Participants: Peter David, Max Allan Collins, Mike Johnson, Tony Lee, Scott Tipton, David Tischman

  • From Words to Pictures (Saturday 2:30-3:30, Room 5A-B)

There’s been an increasing array of prose writers bringing their works to comics, or just writing comics in addition to novels. Hear from some of the best about why they love working in the comics medium.

Participants: Mario Acevedo, Nancy Collins, Peter David, Alex Irvine, Jonathan Maberry, Steve Niles, IDW editor Jeff Conner

  • IDW Publishing: Infestation 2011 (Saturday, 12-1, Room 8)

IDW Publishing: Infestation 2011—In 2011, IDW will infest the comics world in new and exciting–and potentially disturbing–ways. Join CCO/EIC Chris Ryall, editors Andy Schmidt, Tom Waltz, and Scott Dunbier and creators to be named later for a lively discussion of our upcoming slate of titles, including at least two BIG and unexpected announcements, as well as the first hint of “Infestation,” our big 2011 event!



  1. I’d be happy to be on the Screen to Comics panel if anyone wants to fly me out. 😉

  2. So is “Infestation” the next part of the Transformers “-ation” series :p

  3. Umm…..where is the mention of Angel and Spike comics? Surely they should be represented a bit more?

    I know True Blood is the shiny new toy – but don’t forget your original Vampires:)

    • Not at all–we’ll be talking up Spike and Angel at the IDW panel.

  4. Oh cool,sorry if I jumped the gun a bit, just when I didnt see any mention of them I got worried:)

    Cant wait to hear all the news!!!

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