Posted by: ryalltime | June 21, 2010


In September and October, we’re releasing a bi-weekly TRANSFORMERS: DRIFT miniseries written by Drift co-creator Shane McCarthy and featuring art by Alex Milne. But the artist/co-creator of the character, Guido Guidi, is producing variant covers for the 4-part series. And here’s the latest cover he produced, for issue 3.

I hear the new Drift toy is available in Australia (which suits Shane, since he lives there) but haven’t had any reports of it making its way here yet. Shouldn’t be long, though…



  1. Is that Dai Atlas?


  2. Can’t wait for Drift, myself.

    Pretty sure both Shane and Trevor Hutchinson got their hands on Drift already, though.

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  5. Yeah, I have the same question? Is that Dai-Atlas??!!

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