Posted by: ryalltime | June 19, 2010

It’s been a week.

The week started with me saying goodbye to my cat of 15 years, Fletch.

And ended with my office getting burgled and me also having to say goodbye to my computer (but not more valuable external harddrives, luckily). Bad news is, since the thieves left all the comic-related toys, statues, books, art, and guitars alone, the chances that me offering a reward of signed TPBs in exchange for the computer’s safe return probably won’t do me much good.

And in between, a new interview with me went up at Comic “00:05 Minutes With…” Although I think the five-minutes name applies more to how long it’ll take you to read, not how long it took me to answer the questions, which was more like “00:30 minutes with.”



  1. Hi Chris,

    sorry for the sad news about Fletch, but 15 years for a cat is quite a lifetime, and I bet you share great times together! (they may rech 20 years, but as far as I know, the average life span is 12 – 15)
    Certainly a unique partner!



  2. Very sorry about the loss of your cat and your office’s security. We certainly appreciate those 30 Minutes you spent answering questions for the interview! Thank you!!

    • No problem on the interview–I was happy to do it. Thanks for running it.

  3. Sympathies on Fletch and ouch on your office being burglarized.

  4. Kill. Maim. Destroy.

    Also, condolences.

  5. My condolences for Fletch, Chris.
    And best luck for the office.

  6. Sorry to hear about Fletch, Chris. Being a cat lover myself, I know how you must be feeling.

    It really sucks that your office was broken into. Do the police have any leads as to who was responsible?

  7. Hey Chris, Wish you the best. I’ve currently got a 14 year old cat and it’s going to kill the family when he goes.

    And I’ve never been burgled, so I can’t imagine what that feels like.


  8. Condolences on losing Fletch. It’s heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. As my sister said, “They are gifts to grace our lives for a short period of time.”

    Even though your most valuable stuff wasn’t stolen (art, toys, hard drive), it’s that sense of invasion that’s so hard to deal with and get over.

    Sounds like a very bad week.

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