Posted by: ryalltime | June 6, 2010

Vegas, baby

This seems an appropriate image to post today, since I head out to Las Vegas tomorrow for Licensing Show all week.

This is the b&w cover art to the coming SPIKE ongoing series from Lynch and Urru. The series launches in October and as you can see from the art here, takes Spike from LA to Vegas, from hanging with Illyria and Angel to re-uniting with people like Beck, Betta George, and Tok (from the assorted Lynch/Urru SPIKE miniseries).

The series will also feature an appearance by a popular Whedonverse character who’s only ever appeared in the BUFFY comics (and her own one-shot there, if that hint wasn’t enough before).


  1. Love the cover! Can’t wait to see more! 😀

  2. The cover is AWESOME!!! I wish to see it in color! I can’t bloody wait for these series!!!

  3. Looks good… I can’t wait. Las Vegas totally makes sense for Spike… but then it’s Lynch, so I shouldn’t be surprised!

  4. Good luck on your trip to Vegas!

    And thank you for this nice surprise

  5. Woot! great cover!! Wow those lines!!!

    *iz very excited*

  6. Looking forward to the new Spike Las Vegas series – I only wish that Andy Hallett was still with us and that Lorne could have made an appearance as well.

    Great Cover, loved how Beta George’s fins reflect the motion and pattern of Illyria’s hair.

    Good Luck with your trip –

  7. So looking forward to this series. I love Brian Lynch’s comics, especially his Whedonverse ones. I think he’s one of the best writers for this world.

    Sorry to hear about Fletch. Not only the news, but the timing of it, s**ks. Have as good a trip as you can.

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