Posted by: ryalltime | June 3, 2010

Ellison Wonderland

Harlan Ellison, who turned 76 last week, is doing a new series for us starting in August: PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES. It’s in the new issue of Previews, available for pre-order now. It’s going to really remind everyone why Harlan is such a master of science-fiction. Alan Robinson is handling the interior art, with Harlan scripting. And covers, like issue 1’s cover here, are being handled by John K. Snyder III:



  1. I finally watched the doco on him yesterday, “Dreams with Sharp Teeth”- I am definitely looking forward to this. That cover art is so pretty, too. Love the blue.

  2. I loves me some JKS III.

  3. Can’t wait to see this book!

  4. PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES was actually written by Ellison back in 1973 as the pilot episode for a Canadian TV series called The Starlost. Sadly, things quickly went SO wrong that Ellison not only left the series before production began but also exercised a clause in his contract to have his name removed from any finished product. Despite this, his original script for the pilot episode won a Writers Guild award as the most outstanding teleplay of the year.

    Ever since I learned of this backstory I’ve wanted to read that original story so I could see how it differs from the pilot episode that aired. Now, I’ll finally get the chance to do so. Hurray!

  5. Yay, Harlan! We share a birthday (granted, he had it first, but I’ve rented it for a few years now).

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