Posted by: ryalltime | May 19, 2010

What is It?

In July, one of the titles we’ve got coming that may be slipping under the radar in comparison to wider-reaching comics like TRUE BLOOD and the relaunch of G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO is the first of a few coming projects we’re doing with MGM.

We’re taking old horror movies and giving them the full redo treatment, similar to the way NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was recently relaunched as a new movie. Only, in comic form, and with these properties, we’ve got all kinds of freedom to reinvent the titles in whatever way we think best suits the material.

So up first in July is classic (should that be in quotes here?) sci-fi flick IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE. This is the one that inspired (should that be in quotes here?) the original ALIEN movie. Here, we’ve recast it in a retro-future sort of way, complete with domed helmets, jodphur pants, the whole thing. We were aiming for a Wally Wood-meets-Frank-Cho kind of feel with the series. This 4-parter is up first, with MOTEL HELL coming next.

What you see below, starting with the b&w art here, are the covers and a b&w interior page (it’s a full color comic). Zach Howard supplied the lineart here:

And then Dom Regan, who’s also handling the interior colors, colored it:

Artist Steve Mannion and Regan tackled the variant cover:

Interior art is by Mark Dos Santos, working from all-new scripts by writer Dara Naraghi:



  1. Neat.

  2. this is SO cool!

  3. Hey Chris, you were holding out on me! I hadn’t seen the Zach Howard cover until just now. Looks great!

    I hope everyone checks out the comic. We’re definitely going for a fun, retro vibe with this story. None of that grim-and-gritty corporate space exploration stuff. This is good old fashioned two-fisted space adventure (with thought balloons!)

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