Posted by: ryalltime | May 11, 2010


Our first James Patterson project, WITCH & WIZARD, hits stores next week. It tells an all-new story set after the first novel and before the second, which’ll be out this fall. Written by Dara Naraghi under Patterson’s auspices, the book features art by Victor Santos and colors by Eisner-winner Jamie Grant (ALL-STAR SUPER-MAN).

The only time I’d seen Victor’s stuff before this was on the first Vertigo Crime hardcover, Brian Azzarello‘s FILTHY RICH. And there, he was doing something much closer to, say, Eduardo Risso in style. So he’s developed an entirely new approach for this series, and I think it suits the story really well. Hopefully you can get a good taste of it from these pages here:



  1. No slight against the numerous talented artists I’ve had the privilege of working with so far, but Victor is one of my favorite collaborators. It’s been a blast working on this book with him, and every time a new batch of pages comes in, I’m blown away.

    Wait till you guys see the dynamic 2-page spreads he’s got coming up in subsequent issues…

  2. […] Chris Ryall gives us a little taste of what to expect from next week’s “Witch & Wizard” #1.  Here is what Mr. Ryall had to say about the small preview… […]

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