Posted by: ryalltime | May 5, 2010

Byrned out

John Byrne sent over the first page of his latest project with us today. It’s not STAR TREK- or ANGEL-related, but it is something you’ll recognize when it’s announced (and no, not NEXT MEN… yet…!). No hints right now, but I’m open to any speculation you might have…



  1. Son of McCloud?!?!

  2. Citizen Zero, perhaps?

  3. […] Ryall has updated his blog with a sneak peek at John Byrne’s newest IDW project. Honestly, I have no idea what it could […]

  4. The Rifleman: 2010

  5. Caption: “Opie Taylor rides into town to warn his pa, Sheriff Andy, of an alien ship that’s landed by the ol’ fishing hole, in this exciting opening to JOHN BYRNE’S MAYBERRY R.F.D.: INVASION!! #1.”

    The part of Deputy Barney Fife is now played by an American Indian. Or Billy Jack.

  6. John Byrne’s Penny Dredful

  7. Next Men?

  8. A second guess:
    George R. R. Martin’s Doorways.

  9. Byrne the grump is whining on his site that people “guessing” what this project would be is “tacky” and may be a “spoiler” – great way to build excitement there grampa.

    Byrne needs to understand that talking down to his remaing 15 fans is not helping his crappy sales.

    On top of rushed artwork, recycled stories, and cliche horrid dialogue, we got Byrne crying about how fans should be guessing or speculating about future projects.


  10. @ Joe Zhang

    More pathetic than the amount of bitching and moaning you have done over the years about Byrne ?

    If you dont like him, ignore him

  11. John Byrne’s remake of “Invaders from Mars” for MGM Drive-In Theater

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