Posted by: ryalltime | May 3, 2010


Starting this month, we’re releasing oversize hardcovers of the entire IDW run of TRANSFORMERS in chronological order. That is, as they occur in the book’s timeline, not in the order we released them as comics.

Which is sure to cause some controversy, since there are a few stories that fans disagree on where they fit. But we know where they fit, anyway, and that’s how they’re being presented in this set. Volume 1 is out on May 26, and Volume 2 is coming later this year, too. And as you can see here, all volumes are going to have great new front and back covers by artist E.J. Su.



  1. Looks great. I think I’m gonna have to buy these.

    Page count for each volume?

  2. Each one’s around 400 pages. Volume 1 is 392 pages.

  3. Arrrrgh! The temptation of picking these two up! RYAAAALLLL!!!! No, wait. EJAAAAAAAAAY!!!

  4. Hi Chris, Covers are looking pretty sweet.

    Does this mean the end of the Premiere editions though?

    • Not necessarily, although those books are really expensive to produce, and for people to buy. We wanted to have hardcovers that didn’t carry a $100 price tag per book.

      • Since I’ve bought both Premiere editions I’d love them to be continued! They’re very good looking and high quality. And the price wasn’t any kind of a problem as buying one Premiere Edition was anyway cheaper for me than invidual TPBs.

        But if you’re not going to release more of those Premiere editions can I complete my collection with these? Are these the same size? Do they fit together somehow?

  5. Hi there, those are nice pics! Where do i sign up to buy/pre-order this? Cheers! Also, im kindly asking your permission Mr. Ryal, to use the Prime black and white as a banner/ on the heading main page of my blog! thanks really appreciate it. Hope you also take some time to check out my humble musings through my blog.

    [Wing_Saber-X] aka Adam

    • You can pre-order through any comic shop, or we’ll have them in our store after they’re out, too.
      And sure, you can use the image, thanks for asking.

  6. I realize there’s already been a question on the page count, but more specifically, how much are these going to cover? Up through AHM? Up through the Wreckers? And how much should they cost? I’ve managed to miss most of the production runs of the TPBs, so having the bulk of the series in chronological order would sure help me catch up!

    • To you and Claude–

      They’re $50 books and will encompass everything we’ve done, so definitely more than two volumes. But they’ll come at a point after the TPBs for each series, so I wouldn’t expect hardcovers for the ongoing series for at least a couple years.

  7. Hey Ryall, great job as always to you and all other other guys at IDW that give the best TF stories yet. My question is similar to Abrovic’s above. Is this new line of hardcovers going to be continually released as material comes out?

    I was looking to get the first batch of hardcovers you released, but they’re not in print anymore and very expensive as a result. So I’m down with this new series of books so long as we’ll eventually see more than two volumes. Thanks again and keep doing what you guys do.

    • Awesome. Also wanted to comment on presenting the material in chronological order of the stories rather than release. Don’t know how much of a difference it will make, but I think it’s something cool and different at the same time, but more importantly will help new readers get on board more easily.

      I’m always going to buy individual issues, but I’m also a collector. Once I’ve read them, they get sorted and stored till the day I can start setting displays on my walls. I only dig through my long boxes to find stuff for people who want to borrow something in particular or for presents. TPBs (preferably hard-cover) are more ideal for reference and re-reading purposes.

      A friend and I are actually working on an non-fiction OGN. As a present and to give him insight into what have been great comics to me these past several years (art especially), I gave him, among other things, everything IDW-TF starting from Infiltration to Escalation, with all the Spotlights and Stormbringer that dropped in between. I’ll eventually replace the singles, but knowing a new, more affordable hardcover series is starting up makes me a happy TF-fan!

  8. Sweet! Just when I had given up on finding the Premium versions for prices I was able/willing to pay; I prefer the “chronological order” idea, anyway.

  9. Any Plan to do this for Gi Joe?

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  11. I like the idea of the chronological books, though should there be any other stories set in the past that come later wouldn’t this make things a bit confusing? Furman’s run was quite time hoppy and layered though so this order sounds like it should be good.

    I’m still hoping for a Premier HC v3 though – pricey but beautiful!

  12. These would make excellent Father’s Day gifts. Could you please forward to my wife?

  13. […] Ryall (EIC) at IDW, has published some interesting information on his blog.  It appears that IDW will be releasing their full run of Transformers comics in chronological […]

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