Posted by: ryalltime | April 30, 2010

Press clippings

USA TODAY interviews Michael Chiklis about his PANTHEON comic book.

George R.R. Martin talks GAME OF THRONES, with some small mentions of the project he’ll be doing with us, DOORWAYS.

TrekWeb reviews STAR TREK MOVIE ADAPTATION #3.’s Five Picks for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY tomorrow includes our G.I. JOE 155-1/2.

Blair Butler talks up LAST UNICORN #1 (1:00 in) and Darwyn Cooke’s new PARKER preview (at the very end) in last week’s FRESH INK.

And in this week’s FRESH INK, Blair gives LOCKE & KEY: CROWN OF SHADOWS #5 “Pick of the Week” status!


  1. I have a general CB question I wanted to ask after reading my latest round of comics the other day: Why do the previews in the back of comics for the following issue have such big “spoilers” in them?

    Just curious…

    FCBD was fun! =)

  2. Gimme an example of what you mean, there shouldn’t be anything like that since we only show covers of the next issue in the back.

  3. ** Anyone behind on their TF reading… let’s say to be fair… anyone who hasn’t caught up to TF Ongoing 4? Stop reading here**

    OK, for instance, IIRC, the back of Ongoing 3 said that Thundercracker would be back, and I noticed that Ongoing 7 says “Guess who still functions” with a picture of Megatron.

    I suppose I shouldn’t really call them spoilers per se, and as you point out, they’re on the covers. I didn’t think TC would die from one shot, and I think the last AHM established Megatron was getting better not worse.

    And it’s not a big deal, even to someone who generally avoids spoilers like me. I just find it mildly surprising that who is coming back and stuff has been featured so prominently. Could just be that I’m new to comics, but I’ve been wondering… =)

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