Posted by: ryalltime | April 20, 2010

Jurassic Art

IDW’s July solicits are being released online this week, so I’ll be posting some images here, too, with more explanation than we’ve room for in Previews.

This second cover of JURASSIC PARK is by Arthur Adams, with colors by Jamie Grant. The thing of note here, other than the amazing dinos in this piece, is that the cover also shows our new logo treatment. Gone is the IDW lightbulb (except for the tattoo adorning a guy’s shoulder, like I saw at a Chicago con a few years back), replaced by just the IDW Publishing logo. This new look isn’t anything major but it does allow us to have set placement for creator credits on the covers, rather than the roaming credits that appear here and there. It’s the little things…


  1. I’ll miss the light bulb.

  2. Dude
    totally off topic I know but I have a request no PLEA from the Uk, flights are delayed due to this volcano, act of god it happens no biggie life goes on but …. and this is a BIG but… no Last Stand of the wreckers 4 is there any way this can be rushed through for itunes for the ipod, this series is awesome and I need to know what happens next. please pretty please could this happen? I am loving IDW transformers and just cant wait any longer

  3. I hear you, but no way to rush those things any faster, since Apple approval times and all of that take as much time as they take, with no control on our end.

    If it helps you for now, they all die.
    (alright, maybe not ALL of them…)

  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! oh hang on… not ALL of them…. that is somehow reassuring but also totally ominous… it has just raised my desire for this comic even more…. :o)

    Totally understand I thought it would be unavoidable or it would have been done by now, I love IDW you do put the fans first and connect with them like no other comic company I know off!!! Im glad you have Transformers!

    Thank you for the reply, I’m sorry it was off topic but desperate times call for desperate measures :o)
    Havent been this excited about comics since I was a kid reading the original Simon Furman tales of the Wreckers!

    Wreckers Operation Volcano – Success!
    My Operation Volcano – Ongoing!!

    Wreck and Rule!

  5. I appreciate that, thanks a lot.
    And word is that flights are going to be getting out today or so, so the n”no-comics” thing shouldn’t last more than this week. And if it does, we’ll get the IDW submarine fired up and get them there that way.

  6. Awesome!! You guys rock!

    If the sub fails – Broadside from the Wreckers should be avaiable as he is not on G-9…. unless in some evil twist of fate we see him die in some shock horror Flashback in issue 4 or 5 which is too awful to contemplate!! :oS

  7. Gorgeous cover — really cool how the car creeping into the area of these massive beasts evokes a sense of fear without the dinosaurs being ferocious at all. I am hoping to see some future JP covers from Michael Golden as his Topps work was really nice.

    I think the clarity / simplicity of the new logo is an improvement: I was never too big a fan of the light bulb.

  8. I miss the lightbulb, too. But, with those creators’ names on the covers they’ll catch my attention and I might pick up one of my favorites whose work I might have been unaware of.

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