Posted by: ryalltime | April 19, 2010

Challenger party pix

IDW cake!

On Saturday night, Challenger Comics threw a big IDW “Premier” party for us. Lots of comic creators were in attendance, from Max Brooks and Richard Starkings to B. Clay Moore, as well as at least a dozen or more IDW folks. I didn’t get too many pics from the event, but here are a few, anyway. The rest will be up on WireImage, I’m sure…

Me and Challenger's Jimmy PS Hayes, the party's ringmaster.

ZvR artist Menton Matthews III, taking first prize in our Beard-Off. I was a distant second.

Me and Comic Books 101 co-author Scott Tipton. Anyone who bought a copy of our book got a 2-minute pitch with me. Which beat the original idea of "2 minutes in the closet with Chris Ryall."

A view of the party. Scott Tipton is front and center, talking to Gordon Purcell and Menton III (blocked by the guy in the stripes). DC colorist Gabe Eltaeb and artist Nick Runge are on the right.


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