Posted by: ryalltime | April 11, 2010

Byrne of the wild Frontier

colors by Lovern Kindzierski

John Byrne‘s STAR TREK: LEONARD McCOY, FRONTIER DOCTOR miniseries (4 issues, first issue in stores on April 21) sees a few special guest-stars in the series, from Montgomery Scott to, in issue 3 as shown here, Gary Seven and Roberta. This issue works as a de facto sequel to STAR TREK: ASSIGNMENT EARTH. I thought the colors on this page, by Lovern Kindzierski, were nicely inspired with his treatment of the flashback scenes.


  1. Byrne is bragging how he “shat” out the pencils of all 4 issues before the first one is even published…classy.

    Why can he not take more time and not rush his artwork? Can’t he ‘grow roses” and take some time and care on his art? Especially now that he is older and slower.


  2. You shouldn’t put so much stock in a guy’s phrasing. Really, judge the work, because while John was ahead on the schedule, as he always is because he’s conscientious about that, the pages are great. Very detailed and impressive — and very clearly showing that he DOES care about his art.

    Older, sure, everyone is, but slower? I don’t know, he’s one of the only people I never have to worry about meeting a deadline and doing great work every time out.

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