Posted by: ryalltime | April 11, 2010

Comic writer and reviewer Tony Isabella recently reviewed a lot of our ANGEL comics in his Tony’s Online Tips column, and had nice things to say about many of them. He particularly liked the direction Bill Willingham is taking on the ongoing ANGEL series, but he reserved his full five “Tonys” for the ANGEL SPECIAL: LORNE one-shot we recently did as a tribute to Andy Hallet, specifically noting the efforts of writer/artist John Byrne and Mark “The Groosalugg” Lutz, who contributed the touching back-up material. Here’s what he had to say:

I saved the best for last.

<i>Angel Special: Lorne</i> [$7.99] is an incredible tribute to the late Andy Hallett.  I don’t know anyone who could meet Andy and not come away loving him…and that becomes even clearer when you read this issue.

John Byrne’s “The Music of the Spheres” was designed to honor Andy and take his Lorne character off stage for a while.  IDW has stated Lorne will be back in their Angel book, but this marvelous story brings that character to a satisfying place in his personal saga.  It’s the best Angel comic-book story ever and also among the best Byrne stories ever.  Well done, John.  Exceedingly wonderfully well done.

Byrne’s long story is followed by Brian Lynch’s “Lorne,” also drawn by Byrne.  It’s a fun four-page recap-in-rhyme of what Lorne did during the time Los Angeles was in Hell.

That’s followed by actor Mark “the Goosalugg” Lutz’s notes on his friend Andy with lots of great photos of the two of them, and some equally great shots of Andy as Lorne.

<i>Angel Special: Lorne</i> is an Irish wake in comics format. It celebrates Andy Hallett as we mourn him.  It’s both boisterous and heartwarming.  It’s one of the best comic books I’ve read this year and already a shoo-in for my sequel to <i>1000 Comic Books You Must Read</i>.

It earns the full five out of five Tonys.


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