Posted by: ryalltime | April 8, 2010

Premier party, Chicago-style

Next weekend, while in Chicago for the Diamond Retailer Summit (IDW’s Ted Adams is delivering the keynote address on Thursday morning, and I’m doing the dinner presentation that night), among other things I have planned, Challengers Comics is having a “Premier Party” for IDW on Saturday, April 17. There’s gonna be a bunch of us there, from me to Senior Editor Andy Schmidt, IDW writer and COMIC BOOKS 101 co-author Scott Tipton, G.I. JOE artist Robert Atkins, one of my ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS AVENTURE co-pilots, Menton Matthews III, A-TEAM writer Erik Burnham, and others are all going to be at the shop for the party/signing. So hopefully any of you in the area can join us there.

Full details can be found here




  1. Welcome to wordpress world! You’ll see the things you can do with this one.
    Have a drink for me at the party!

  2. And I’ll be there, too — unless I’m turned away for being not hip enough for the room.

    See ya there, boss!

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