Posted by: ryalltime | March 14, 2010

Transformational Drift

Since has a listing up for the TRANSFORMERS: DRIFT TPB, it’s not exactly a big secret that we’re going to be doing a miniseries based around the character. The listing also details the creators, writer Shane McCarthy and artist Alex Milne (along with colorist Josh Perez), but doesn’t show any cover image. So let’s show a little bit here–the cover for issue 1 by Milne and Perez, and page one of issue 1 as well. The 4-issue series will be shipping bi-weekly in August and September.



  1. Hi Chris,It does seem as if you get a hard time on your own blog and i can see how that could be very upsetting for someone who works very hard and is very busy.However i do have to say that as a massive fan of the original marvel G1 comics (was never that keen on Budianski but loved Furman), i was very excited when IDW took over. I had enjoyed some of what DW put out though not all but still stuck with it. I thought the 'ations' started a little slowly but got a alot better and was a little disappointed when they seemed to be finished quicker than first intended and i felt this showed. I also loved Stormbringer, especially Don's artwork. I think Simon Furman is a fantastic writer of TF's and is still unmatched. For this reason i was disappointed when his serious was curtailed early and Shane was brought in but i felt he deserved a chance. PERSONALLY i was very disappointed and stopped reading, but made a point to check out synopsis and comics in the shops, hoping my mind could be changed. However, i felt they remained very poor, i did however enjoy some of the later spotlights i.e. metroplex and Max Dino's.Again when ongoing was announced i eagerly looked forward to giving IDW another chance but have again been bitterly disappointed thus far. I understand early stories will be slow and i guess the two main gripes are Don's art which in my opinion is awful or perhaps this style is. This again saddens me as i used to love his stuff but feel this new style totally ruins any potential enjoyment i may be able to gain from the comics. Secondly, why are humans portrayed as all powerful? If we were genuinely facing a race so much more advanced than that they have mastered interstellar travel we would be utterly against them. To simply develop this is at least 1000 years ahead of current technology.I do appreciate that you are far better able to judge what the majority of readers feel and are privy to sales figures i am not. But off what i can gauge from reaction on the internet, Shane's stories and Don's new style are both mostly unpopular so i struggle to understand your insistance on sticking with them. It is especially frustrating when i pick up Last Stand of the wreckers and see how fantastic IDW Tformers can be. I would do anything to have 2 regular G1 titles even close to this class. It is frustrating when i see the heights you can reach to be left very rarely buying your series'.Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think the reason some people get so irate is because you sometimes give the impression when facing criticism of 'no you are wrong, how dare you criticise'. When you are trying to sell a product surely your customers opinions should be all important and listened to at all times. Perhaps this is the case and i am in a minority, guess your sales figures will tell you this, but from reading reaction on the various sites there is far more anti McCarthy and Don's new stlye and Ongoing thus far feeling than there is postive. Furthermore LSOTW has gained a hugely positive reaction. Surely this should be noted and if any of what i have said is correct acted upon with great haste.I hope my rather long winded post doesn't offend. I have tried to show my support towards IDW by buying all the comics i have enjoyed and their trades but simply cannot support AHM, the ongoing whilst it is being drwan in this style and am very dubious about Drift. I do however want to buy so please if any of what i've said is correct from a commercial standpoint – act on it!!!

  2. Coming in on this waaaaaay too late, and in reference to the comments left on your old blog, but commenting regardless:

    I for one want to see what brought Drift to where he is at this current moment — or more precisely what brought him to being non-Decepticon, as he seemed to be a neutral before hooking up with Kup and company in S:D.

    Why am I interested in the character? Because there is plenty to learn about him — and, as noted by Web, there’s potential for an interesting contrast with Skyfire/Jetfire.

    I have to say, though, what really slays me are all the naysayers here moaning and complaining about having no reason to be interested in the character … and thus sandbagging the very mini that looks to be giving that very backhistory and development. There’s just no pleasing some people, it seems. *rolls eyes*

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