Posted by: ryalltime | January 24, 2010

The Latest Waltz

Tom Waltz is a writer/editor who’s been working at IDW for a few years now (editing books and writing titles like GENE SIMMONS ZIPPER and SILENT HILL: SINNER’S REWARD), but just this month joined us full-time. And right out of the gates of his new status as full-time editor here, he’s got two high-profile movie-related projects coming soon.

One of which is THE A-TEAM, two series he’s presiding over that tie in with the June movie. He’s writing one of the two miniseries that start in March, THE A-TEAM: SHOTGUN WEDDING (illustrated by Stephen Mooney and colored by Alfredo Rodriguez, brother of LOCKE & KEY artist Gabriel and making his IDW debut on this book. A page of their work can be seen directly above.), and is working with co-writers Chuck Dixon and Erik Burnham on WAR STORIES, which features four solo tales set in the days before Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock came together as a team.

Comic Book Resources recently put up a couple pieces with the A-TEAM creators. They talked to Tom here, and talked to Chuck Dixon about his contributions here. Knowing Tom, he didn’t chase the easy headline and mention the fact that Sarah Palin makes a tiny but very clever cameo in issue 1 of his series, but she’s in there, too, as a smitten Face notices at one point.

And over at MTV Splash Page, LEGION film director Scott Stewart talks all about the comics that lead into the movie, and various Easter eggs planted within the comics. Tom and Scott collaborated on that comic series, LEGION: PROPHETS. All four issues and the TPB of that one are available now. The interview can be found here.

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