Posted by: ryalltime | December 31, 2009

Closing the (comic) book on 2009

2009 is a year that saw IDW take over the “three-spot” a few months of the year, and finish a firm fourth for the year behind Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. It was also the year that saw the publication of my first prose book, and saw IDW be the leading comic book publisher at iTunes. In short, it’s one of those years that, even in the middle of tough economic times, will be tough to beat. But 2010 gives me lots of reasons to be optimistic, even if I can’t quite divulge many of those reasons just yet (those reasons will become evident as 2010 convention season gets rolling). 2010 will be my sixth year as IDW’s Editor-in-Chief, a job I like as much or more now than when I started in 2004. Never would’ve thought I’d be able to read ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS on my PSP when I started, either, and yet here we are. So I’m greatly looking forward to things to come, and I appreciate the support of both the retailer base and all of you who picked up an IDW book, too. Happy new year!

And from Nick Runge:

…G.I. JOE: OPERATION HISS artist Agustin Padilla

Jose Aguilar

…and Stewart McKenney (not quite sure who these characters are, but it’s a nice piece of art that Stewart sent me, anyway):

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