Posted by: ryalltime | December 7, 2009

IDW’s new releases for Dec. 09

The good news is, with books shipping last Thursday because of Thanksgiving, there was only a 6-day wait before this week’s new releases. The unfortunate part of the news is that a customs delay has delayed the West Coast’s delivery of the books with an asterisk after the title until December 16:

Angel: A Hole in the World #1*
The Art of Ditko
Beyond the Wall #2
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes #3*
G.I. Joe: Classics Vol. 6 TPB*
Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Past, Present and Future*
Jon Sable, Freelance: Ashes of Eden #3*
Legion: Prophets #4*
Legion: Prophets TPB*
Star Trek Spotlight: Cardassians*
Transformers #2*

*If you missed the note above, these titles will be delayed until December 16 on the west coast only.

**The above picture is IDW’s Marketing/PR Manager, AnnaMaria White, showing off the new ART OF DITKO book–that one will make it to stores everywhere, west coast included.


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