Posted by: ryalltime | October 21, 2009

Zombies vs Robots: Kampf

Rejected blog entry title: “Mine Kampf.” Just felt wrong.

Anyway, in the coming ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS: AVENTURE relaunch in February, the next story (actually, this one will appear first in the book) is subtitled “Kampf.” The artist on this one is Menton Matthews III, who is painting every page of the story.

Because he’s doing two-page spreads on the entire story, I’m reticent to show any finished pages here at this point–they’re all just great, and since there’s really only four spreads in the first issue, I’d like to preserve those for the issue’s release. Instead, below are his tests, early sketches, rough painted samples and other preliminary images. They’re all unrefined, unfinished, and already pretty great.

“Kampf” is more serious than “Masques,” which has a pretty playfully dark tone–as befits its title, it’s more of our big battle storyline. And it’s Menton’s interpretations of some of the new characters being introduced in issue 1 and 2 that has actually helped change the story’s later chapters a bit (a couple characters looked so cool that they actually got a reprieve from being killed in gruesome fashion).

M3 (as I think of Menton) has done a great job evolving the robots’ designs to create his own characters and differentiate them from what Ash Wood did before. So as you can see yesterday, today (and tomorrow, when I show some “Zuvembies” art from Gabriel Hernandez, the third interior artist on the series), this book’s gonna look great no matter how it reads.

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