Posted by: ryalltime | October 18, 2009

Zombies vs Robots: the return!

ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS is coming back–and no, the title isn’t “The Return,” that’s just the blog entry.

In February, ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS AVENTURE, a 4-issue miniseries, will return. Two issues are already fully done. Ash Wood will be doing covers, but from there, we’ve changed things up a bit. I’ll still be writing all the stories, but each issue will now feature three serialized tales (as was the plan when we solicited the book originally a few months back) illustrated by new artists.

I’ll be talking more about the stories to come, and showing more of the art, too. But for now, here’s a preview of one. The story is called “Masques,” and it spins directly out of the prequel tale we told in D’AIRAIN AVENTURE (the same stories were collected in the COMPLETE TPB, too). The art is being done by UK artist Paul McCaffrey. There’s a brief look at it below.

Each story will run four chapters, so issue 1 features “Masques” Part 1, as well as two others, “Kampf, part 1” and “Zuvembies, Part 1.” Details on those to come later this week.

For those who’ve been e-mailing and asking when the book would be back, I appreciate your patience. February, it’s back monthly for four issues.


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