Posted by: ryalltime | October 12, 2009

It’s their Weekly World, we just live in it

Today’s trades featured a story with the following headline:
“Weekly World News signs with CAA.”

Which makes the idea of us doing comics based on that same property positively prescient (we even got a mention at the bottom of the article. Read the full Hollywood Reporter piece right here).

This is great news all around, but certainly nice to see ahead of our comic book series, which starts in January (and will be available for pre-order in the next issue of Previews).

I’ve shown a bit of Bat Boy art here so far, but above is a page that features a couple of the other stars of the miniseries, Ed Anger and UFO Alien (the talk show host is modeled after a real person, and the red beret might serve as a giveaway to some people, especially those of you on the East Coast, but I ain’t naming names. I’ll just say that we’ve filled the series will all kinds of ridiculous pop culture references and cameos. The book’ll probably need annotations when it comes out…). Art is courtesy of Alan Robinson and Tom Smith’s Scorpion Studios (on colors). The writing will be solely blamed on me… but until then, enjoy the art itself without any goofy words to get in the way.


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