Posted by: ryalltime | September 21, 2009

Pins and needles

One thing I’ve been liking to do more and more is include pinups in books I’m working on. I love seeing different artistic interpretations of characters. I got some great contributions in each issue of GROOM LAKE, and all are being collected along with the story (and Whitley Strieber‘s introduction). The TPB is due on October 14, and it’ll also include one additional pin-up that got to me after it was too late for inclusion in the issue itself. It’s from Klaus Scherwinski, who’s also doing a couple upcoming G.I. JOE SPOTLIGHT issues (Beach Head and another one):

And I just got this new ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS pin-up from artist Mark Torres. Speaking of ZvR, I realize it’s been far too long since there’s been any word on the book. So I’ll rectify that soon, and with some art. For now, let’s just say the ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS AVENTURE series is being retooled, some new artists are joining Ash and I, and issue 1 is already fully drawn and done. But for now, I’ll leave it with the Torres pin-up:

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