Posted by: ryalltime | August 20, 2009

"You will visit your comic shop three times…"

Actually, if you just visit your comic shop once in December, you’ll be able to get your hands on a GHOSTBUSTERS holiday special we’re doing. PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE is the name of the one-shot, and in it, the GBers go up against… a ghost of Christmas past, present, and… well, you know. Are these the actual Dickens ghosts? Mmmmaybe, but you’ll need to read to find out for sure.

The book’s written by Rob Williams (Indiana Jones, SFX magazine) and drawn by Diego Jourdan (ASTRO BOY), who is also doing a cover. Pictured here, however, is Nick Runge‘s Dickensian image, along with a variant Rockwell-inspired image also by Runge.

I figure, the stores will soon be displaying Christmas decorations, so it’s never too early to also talk about comics shipping at the end of the year…


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