Posted by: ryalltime | June 22, 2009

Doctor Starkings

In addition to prepping next month’s kick-off of our ongoing DOCTOR WHO series, we’ve been doing a series of one-shots by different creative teams. The August issue, DOCTOR WHO: COLD-BLOODED WAR, is close to being approved to print. The reason I wanted to show it here is, the original writer on the book, the BBC’s Gary Russell, had to bow out from the scripting chores (he did hand-pick the issue’s artist, however, Adrian Salmon). So Comicraft’s Richard Starkings, who has been helping us on WHO above and beyond the call of duty just because he’s a fan of the show, was nice enough to step in and write the issue (and letter it, too). Richard was able to pick up Gary’s outline and quickly craft a full story behind it, turning it into something different and very fun.

So just for the fact that you don’t see many “Writer/Letterer” credits on books, and because Starkings filled the void so seamlessly and capably, here’s a look at the issue, which’ll be in stores a couple weeks after Comic-Con:


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