Posted by: ryalltime | June 9, 2009

Dru’s world

For ANGEL 24 and 25, Juliet Landau is introducing Drusilla to Angel’s world–that much, we’ve already discussed a bit. But beyond just crafting the story and co-writing the script, Juliet also had a very specific look and color palette for the art, too. Here’s one of the finished pages, courtesy of Franco Urru and Fabio Mantovani.

Issue 24 will arrive just before Comic-Con, and Juliet and Brian Lynch will be signing a con-exclusive version at Comic-Con.
And issues 24 and 25 will both feature bonus pictorials of Juliet, some new photos she took exclusively for this two-part storyline.

Oh, and we’ll also be announcing the new ongoing ANGEL writer at the Angel panel (Saturday from 10-11 AM, featuring Brian, Juliet, and… the new person) at the show, too. More on that to come.


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