Posted by: ryalltime | May 19, 2009

The Doctor is out

We’re approving the first issue of the ongoing DOCTOR WHO series to print this week (coming in July!) and I read the full issue with the art for the first time today, and loved it. Tony Lee really nails the voice and style of the show, and Al Davison‘s art (and his bio–seriously, Google this guy, what a fascinating story) is perfect for the story, set in 1920s Hollywood. But the real thing that stands out is how great Paul Grist‘s art style suits the book. So on the eve of a full one-shot by Tony and Paul coming out (Their DOCTOR WHO: THE TIME MACHINATION, is out tomorrow), here’s a look at his cover for issue 2.

Launching an ongoing WHO monthly is something of a risky venture for us, since we rarely do ongoing monthlies. Tony’s got the first 18 issues plotted out, so while I don’t normally push this aspect of the business, I do ask that if you want to see this book happen and keep happening, you pre-order it through your comics shops. They haven’t seen enough regular WHO to know exactly how this book’s going to do, so it benefits them and their ordering decisions to know this ahead of time, too. In this kind of screwy economy, it’s becoming more and more important to pre-order or at least tell your retailer you want something. That way, they order enough, we produce enough, and everyone wins. That’s the plan, anyway. But enough about this–click the image to see again how good Grist’s WHO art is.

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