Posted by: ryalltime | April 30, 2009

A logical progression

Since some people thought the “Hailing Frequencies” reference yesterday was going to lead to a STAR TREK mention, I figured I’d make up for that today by showing David Messina‘s cover to his coming STAR TREK: SPOCK: REFLECTIONS book, also being solicited for release in July. I’d call this Messina’s follow-up to STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN if he hadn’t already been doing ANGEL: SMILE TIME and working on another ANGEL miniseries. So let’s call SPOCK *one of* his COUNTDOWN follow-ups (although it’s set in the period just ahead of COUNTDOWN, and looks back over his entire life and career). It’s written by Messina’s frequent co-horts, Scott & David Tipton, too.

And then there’s that other “Messina STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN follow-up” project that we haven’t announced yet. But more on that soon.

Meanwhile, since I did already post the image above before, albeit without explaining it, how about the cover for issue 2 here, too:

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