Posted by: ryalltime | April 29, 2009

Hailing frequencies still open

Also being solicited for July release in today’s issue of Previews is TRANSFORMERS: ALL HAIL MEGATRON… #13.

The series was only ever slated to be a 12-part saga, but word and sales on the book have remained so steady that the four-part “Coda” we talked about before has become AHM 13-16. Each of these four issues will contain two 11-page stories by different creative teams–a couple of which will factor into future plans in a big way–and each of these stories either wraps up elements from Shane’s 12-part story, sets up events for the future or delves into plot points that fans that early on were inconsistencies (meaning, Nick Roche will tell the story of how the Kup from his SPOTLIGHT issue became the cigar-chomping fighter in AHM).

Details of all of these stories will be forthcoming in a press release (and plans beyond AHM will be announced at BotCon at the end of May) but for now, here’re a couple covers for issue 13, one from returning artist Don Figueroa:

The other from AHM cover artist Trevor Hutchison (who celebrated a birthday yesterday). Check out Previews in stores today for more information on issue 13, and a press release announcing this and more will be working its way around the ‘net soon, too.

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