Posted by: ryalltime | February 3, 2009

Duncan Locke & key

Issue 2 of LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES is out this week (and a 4-page preview of the issue is below if you want to see it). So it seemed a good time to show off a bit of art from an upcoming issue, especially since this particular piece of art is something a bit special.

In the first L&K series, the cover to issue 4 was by “Duncan Locke,” the artist in the Locke family. His art appeared in the issue itself, too. The same sort of thing is being done with HEAD GAMES’ issue 4, Duncan is again providing a cover for the issue. In this case, it’ll be the issue’s incentive cover, since there’s also a regular cover for the issue, from Duncan’s muse, Gabriel Rodriguez. This will be the only issue of HEAD GAMES that features a separate piece of art as the incentive cover, for those of you keeping track.

And to get a glimpse of how the cover art comes to play in the issue, check out the below page from the issue. This particular image will get more important as we go along, too…


LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES #4 page 4 (full colors to come):


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