Posted by: ryalltime | January 26, 2009

SMILE High Club

A recent “review” of ANGEL: SMILE TIME gave it a rough score based simply on the fact that the reviewer didn’t see the need for an adaptation of a beloved ANGEL episode that tells the story of Angel-as-puppet, a tale we’ve sequelized in comic form. Fair enough (his sentiment, if not the review itself, which you’ll have to seek out if you want it, no easy links here for that one), but then again, many people like this kind of thing–we did it based on requests for it in the first place. In fact, enough people liked it that issue 1 is now a complete sell-out, a testament both to fans knowing what they want and also to the great job Scott Tipton and David Messina did in adaptating the episode. As such, here’s a two-page spread from issue 2, in stores on February 18.

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