Posted by: ryalltime | January 21, 2009

44 x 4

I’ve seen a bit of a ‘net-kerfuffle between a couple other publishers’ Obama-centric comic covers and one claiming they had the idea first and all that. I stay out of such things, especially when they’re both wrong. We were not only first, we’re now going back to press for the fourth time on our PRESIDENTIAL MATERIALS: BARACK OBAMA comic (for some reason, the John McCain comic hasn’t sold quite as well…). The fourth printing will have an all-new cover on it along with a transcript of yesterday’s acceptance speech. And not one appearance by the Chameleon on this one–sorry, Cham fans.

Update 1.22.9: covered the news about this 4th printing, with a link back to my blog, so now I’ll link on my blog back to their story which links to my blog and… PFAFFF!*

*Sorry, my head just exploded while I tried to follow this whole snake-eating-its-own-tail thing.

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