Posted by: ryalltime | January 15, 2009

The early word on G.I. JOE #1…

…is good, according to reviews here, here and, to a little lesser degree, this one from Wizard magazine.

Wizard was a bit more glowing in its praise of our TERMINATOR SALVATION MOVIE PREQUEL comic that also debuted yesterday:

“In this globe-trotting, post-Judgment Day comic prequel to the forthcoming movie starring Christian Bale, the dwindling human resistance in 2018 struggles to mount a life-or-death final offensive that will hopefully defeat the
Terminators. As various cells around the world play their respective parts, the robotic killers make a deadly counter-strike, unveiling the latest models that look more human than ever before. Naraghi’s precision-paced plot kept me hooked throughout, while avoiding the usual Terminator burnout by focusing on a new cast of characters, led by the hard-nosed Commander Elena Maric, who, we learn via flashback, has feelings for the present-day but presently married John Connor. Meanwhile, Robinson’s razor-sharp pencils make for cinematic visuals that do this film-to-comic franchise justice. The only thing missing is a Governator cameo!”


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