Posted by: ryalltime | January 7, 2009

Byrne Notice

One of the nice things to come out of this gig has been the chance to get John Byrne to do some work for us. He originally did just a STAR TREK: SPOTLIGHT issue for us, which I figured might be our one shot to work together. But he’s a TREK fan from way back, and had more and more ideas for comics. He’d originally stayed away from the Federation, opting instead for stories involving the Romulans and Klingons or Earthbound characters like Gary Seven. But now he’s ready to turn his scope toward a tale that’s more in the center of the STAR TREK universe (albeit a point set in the pre-Kirk and even pre-Pike past). Starting in March, we’re kicking off two monthly Byrne books, the first being STAR TREK: CREW, a 6-part tale set in the past but featuring some familiar faces. Here’re the covers to issues 1-3:

Also launching in March is ANGEL: BLOOD AND TRENCHES, Byrne’s first full-length Angel story, too. This one’s set in the past as well, looking at Angel’s World War I history and being presented in a very unique art style on the interiors. Covers to the first three issues are here:


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