Posted by: ryalltime | August 28, 2008

More Lockes, more Keys

Yesterday, we got the first advance copies of the new LOCKE & KEY hardcover, and it came out beautifully (witness the book as showcased by my robot spokesmodel):

The book hits stores on October 1, and it has me excited all over again for the coming next chapter in the series. LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES, the next follow-up, debuts in January ’09, and while it’s a bit too soon to reveal any details on this one, I wanted to share the pencils for a 2-page spread in the first issue. Art by the inimitable Gabriel Rodriguez once again. Gabe said this is maybe the most challenging piece he’s ever been asked to draw, and I think it’s pretty obvious that’s true. And also pretty obvious that he was up for the challenge.

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