Posted by: ryalltime | July 28, 2008

Frazetta’s Neanderthals

I’ve never done any non-IDW comics writing (unless you count a couple Marvel “Epic Comics” scripts for which I was paid a kill fee), and am understandably exclusive to IDW. But they were good enough to let me work around that in one case, so while this isn’t IDW news, it’s safe to say that whenever I mention it, it’ll also result in some new IDW press, too.

Jay Fotos, the overseer of the entire FRAZETTA line of comics at Image, announced the new slate of titles for 2009, one of which I’m going to be writing and Jay will be coloring. He and I worked on the story, and we’ve got my old SHAUN OF THE DEAD cohort, Zach Howard, handling the art chores. Nat Jones is going to do a second cover, beyond the Frazetta pic pictured here.

It’s going to be a helluva challenge, since we’re doing the book dialogue-free. Which not only puts a lot on Zach, especially certain sequences, but it also requires more real scripting than your average comic. I’m pretty well through the script now, so we’re likely looking at an early ’09 launch for the book.

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