Posted by: ryalltime | January 30, 2008

They’re the last people on Earth who should be the last people on Earth…

Time for some EVERYBODY’S DEAD love. Because I do indeed love this book–it’s hilarious, gruesome, clever, and just damned well-written. It’s our zom-com coming in March. It’s created and written by Brian Lynch (ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL) and drawn by Dave Crosland, with colors by Len O’Grady (the amazing duo behind SCARFACE: SCARRED FOR LIFE, among others).

Issue 1 has been solicited already, so I thought I’d jump ahead here and post the cover and a page from issue 2, once the zombie attack really kicks in.

Check out the MySpace page by clicking this post’s subject for the book for more behind-the-scenes art and information. Dave Crosland has been blogging about his work on the book, offering lots of glimpses behind the curtain as he works–you can scope that here:

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